Consciense in Death

The track starts off weirdly and then the instrumental parts come up very sudden and it makes everything sounds so confusing. I am a fan of rock music but this seems to be very random and all over the place. I cannot easily focus on the vocal or the meaning of this track. 
The percussion that is heard early in the instrumental sounds very intense and metallic. The singers voice sounds a bit over the edge and just annoying by the way he is screaming in my ear. This song has a fair share of arrangement to it but gets annoying just because of the vocals.
I like the into, it was cool. When the music started playing, i instantly liked the drums. I don't like the vocals though. The vocalist sounds like he's half screaming half singing and it doesn't sound good. The lyrics are good though and so are the instruments. The instruments sound like a nice rock song that i would enjoy. I would rate higher if the vocals were better, but for now i have to give it a 6.
Very catchy song i liked it. The music was made well and the vocals brought it all together. The production was fantastic i really enjoyed hear this song. The track had alot of heart and passion in it. Im going to give this track 9/10
The sound effects heard at the beginning of this song give off a very old school effect and sounds as if it is being played often old-fashioned radio. The singer's voice is very annoying and loud, he isn't even singing but he is screaming, making the lyrics not understandable.
The beginning was fantastic because it gives you an idea of what the song will be talking about. I really like lyrics they make sense and have meaning. This song I believe is worth listening to. The music sounds a bit louder than his voice though.
The introduction noises were a little harsh through level headphones, which may be painful through normal in ears. The mix has a lot of energy and power, reminiscent of 80's power metal, however a fuller guitar tone would have been nice, as the general impression of the guitars is that they are a little weak in terms of the choice of sound. The chorus works really well in terms of the musical elements, but the guitars feel a little bit messy, perhaps could be cleaned up with a little bit of a cleaner tone. The drums have a lovely live sound; the kick drum may benefit for a tighter sound, as the bass elements of it take away from the thud sound you'd hope to hear to give it definition. Overall, a really good track would benefit from a few tweaks here and there to give it some OOMPFH!
The track begins with a news sample that leads into a raucous hard rock track with a lead vocalist similar to AC/DC. The score; its arrangement an production could be a little more polished. and consistent throughout. Nonetheless t e track has a lot of energy and vitality. The spirited melody and chorus should win the listener over.
It was a bit confusing that the song started with a women speaking instead of someone singing. Also not a fan of the singer's vocal chords. It seems like he's competing to be heard above the musical instruments which are just as loud and jarring. Not harmonious.
The introduction is weird and I don't understand it. I can't understand the words in this song. I have no idea what they're saying. The background is really good and rocks. I still have no clue to why the introduction is what it is. It's alright music.
The beginning is really distorted and was muffled but has a really interesting concept. The song tends to surprise me and really have spontaneous beats throughout the lyrics. The bass and guitar go at a really fast pace that makes me feel edgy and excited. It's a little difficult to understand what the lyrics are though. 
I love the accompaniment, however I feel like the guitar needs to have a little louder, for me its the high pitch tones that usually grip me the most in songs like this. For that matter, I would also like to hear the tone of the vocals raised. I do like the topical nature of the lyrics, and the rest of the music. 
The topic of the song is rather nice. The intro is a little too much with all the that noise though. I like the guitar and bass. The climix around 2:25 is perfect. I can't really understand the lyrics due to the loudness of the instruments, but thats part of the appeal.
I think that this song is way too political in my personal opinion. I do believe that you were able to do a pretty good job when it comes to the tempo and the guitar riff in this song. The vocals also show a lot of energy but there are certain parts of the song where you can improve. I feel like that there is way too much high pitching in your voice. I appreciate the level of energy that you show here.
I like it, reminds me of eighties twisted sister and has a good rock sound. Don't like the talking parts that much. Has a good rocking beat and classic rock feel. I would proubly purchase this music if it was available. Reminds me of the eighties group quiet riot.
The intro with turning the radio was creative to start out with. The first impression I got when the song first came in was that it sounds like a song from a crazy movie soundtrack. However, the energy and rhythm is nice. The melody is definitely competent with the genre of the category of music this fits in. The lyrics are not very understandable, but the intensity and well combined instruments make up for that. In addition, the quality of work sounds nice and professional as well. Overall, I don't think this is mind blowing, but will get a few gigs and likes in my opinion.
I really couldn't understand what the singer was saying in his song. Too high pitched and same tone throughout the song. The music itself was not bad. Didn't care for the ad or commercial during the song. The singer sounds more like he is yelling.
Not necessarily my style - it is difficult to recognise the words. However I like the tune and energy that comes from the songs. I just wished there was a little bit less creaming involved. Guitar solos are absolutely amazing and very energetic. Overall the song is enjoyable, although not my style.
What a cool way to start a song. This right here is what I call some classic rock! The vocals are so fitting! Those guitars and drums are simply amazing! This would be perfect for a horror film or something like a motorcycle gang type movie...My imagination is running wild with this one! Great song!
The news is very interesting! Moreover the words said over the little news segment is very intriguing! Then the voice and guitar is very very different but is quite nice to listen to! Would not say it is my favourite song but definitely is quite well produced!
i am not a big fan of rock but i liked the intro and the way vocal entered it maked me listen the song and not stop it. this song is good and the message is understand for me. the instruments are just right and makes a great song.